The Chaos Of Coronavirus

Vee Goldman
3 min readJun 8, 2020

A New World Beckons

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

With its ever changing rules and regulations the UK swings hither and yon in it’s way of tackling Covid-19. You can meet up to six people outside, two metres apart. Just pray it doesn’t rain as you can’t meet indoors with two metres between you. It’s illegal. And you must go home at night.

You cannot get your hair cut but if you’ve got a bit of loose change then go treat yourself to an Aston Martin as car showrooms are now open as are garden centres. With Coronavirus upon us and Brexit looming it would seem that a very large number of UK citizens have turned into avid gardeners. Facebook groups abound with container gardening, allotment gardening, gardening on your windowsill to name but a few. We’re all “digging for victory” here whilst all the while maintaining social distancing.

Grocery shopping is a joy. NOT. Queue to get in and then go round the store one-way system. This usually is not too bad until you get behind “the browser”. Now this breed can really hold your day up whilst they stare blankly at the shelves, trying to make their minds up whilst you look at your watch and see the minutes ticking by. It’s especially galling when you’ve only come in for cat food and toilet roll. But no, you must wait, and wait some more whilst they peruse five different brands of tinned carrots. It’s especially dispiriting when you can see the cat food ahead, so near and yet so far. Your path blocked by “the browser”. How life has changed in a few short months. Shopping used to be bearable, now it is a waiting game and a long one at that.

On following the news it would appear that from the 15th June we must all wear facemasks on public transport. Until then, don’t worry about it. Keep calm and carry on. The virtues of cycling are also being extolled by the Government. It is healthy, cuts down on car emissions, less risky than public transport. On a personal level I’d be a bigger risk to public health if I WAS cycling and wobbling about all over the place. At the very least I would need stabilisers. I might be better off going to work on a horse, however that would leave me the problem of where to put said horse in the staff car park whilst I go about my work.

All things aside these are only minor inconveniences to me. Currently UK deaths from Covid-19 exceed forty…

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