When The Hustle Isn’t Bustling

Don’t lose hope or motivation. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your side hustle won’t be either.

Vee Goldman


Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

In these difficult times, we live in fear of job loss, disease (I’m not going to say the name, you all know what I’m talking about), and the societal upheaval of the moment. Very many of us are now thinking about alternative income streams to buffer and protect us from redundancy and loss of a paying job.

It may pay to have several in fact but they all come under one umbrella and its called “the side hustle”.

Accept this one fact NOW. You are not going to make millions in your first few months. You could well make only a few dollars. Even if you have only made a cent that cent is money in your bank. At this point, many people will think “Oh it's not going well, I’m going to give up” and so they do.

Wrong, damned wrong. If you want to make anything of a side hustle you’ve got to turn up to do it. A day here and there is just not going to cut it. It’ll cut you up mentally if you find that things aren't working when really you could be doing more. Look at where you could save time. Facebook is Wastebook. Many hours are wasted looking through social media and seeing what Doreen had for breakfast. Do I care what Doreen had for breakfast, hell no, and neither should you. Time regained from stopping all that gawping at Doreen’s breakfast means you can work more on your side hustle.

And to be honest there will be days when it all seems crap and hopeless. Things aren’t moving as fast as you would like. The mountain seems large and impassable. At this point just hang on and stay the course. Be motivated. Visualize a year down the line and see yourself getting where you want to be. I’m not here to lecture but creative visualization can really help you here.

As you move along with the side hustle see what works and what doesn’t. Let’s say you decide to make dresses for a living. You can’t stand those bright pink dresses you're making for a myriad of willing customers and far prefer the black dresses. But black dresses don’t sell as well. I know what color dresses I’d be knocking out and it’s not the black ones for sure.

So as you start your side hustle remember that it will take the proverbial twists and turns and eventually you will find a niche. It may well not be the niche you expected but no matter. A good side hustle as long as you enjoy it could result from a twist here and a turn there.

Even if it seems things aren’t going well at first. Keep on keeping on. From little acorns grow large oaks. You might be down today but tomorrow you could well be on the way up again and as you climb, your side hustle will surely grow.



Vee Goldman

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